Regional Cooperation Council - Events Regional Cooperation Council - Events Regional Cooperation Council - Documents 320 75 Balkans SummitTue, 05 Dec 2017 15:10:00 +0200The Regional Cooperation Council is continuing its partnership with the Friends of Europe (FoE) in co-organizing Balkans summit. This year’s summit is named  ‘Western Balkans at the crossroads: New challenges, changing dynamics’.

2017’s Balkan Summit will feature the following sessions: Peace in the Balkans means peace in Europe, Business outlook perks up but reforms must continue and Act local: Getting local governments on board. The summit is to seek answers  to questions such as: what are the main reasons for the return of nationalism and ethnic tensions in the region; how can  Western Balkans be persuaded to look forward instead of at the past, and many more.

The event is expected to  gather  a number of top Balkans politicians and decision-makers debating ways of further re-energising the region’s myriad connections with the EU.

Regional Cooperation DayFri, 13 Oct 2017 15:10:00 +0200 More details coming soon. 

Executive Workshop on Bridging the Digital Innovation DivideTue, 12 Sep 2017 15:10:00 +0200The workshop is organized by the Telecommunication Development Bureau (BDT) of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in cooperation with the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) and International Center for Promotion of Enterprises (ECPE) within the framework of the ITU European Regional Initiative on Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Youth.

It contributes to the Digital Integration, one of the pillars of the RCC-coordinated Multi-annual Action Plan for a Regional Economic Area in the Western Balkans, endorsed by WB6 Leaders at the Trieste Summit of the Berlin process (12th July, 2017), in particular focusing on promotion of the uptake of smart technologies and accelerating digital transformation as well as supporting skills development and access to digital talent.

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Fifth International Festival of High School Theatre JuventafestSat, 09 Sep 2017 15:10:00 +0200For the second year in a row the Regional Cooperation Council is pleased to support the International Festival of High School Theatre Juventafest, taking place 9-13 September 2017.

Juventafest is an international festival gathering young artists and theatre enthusiasts from all around the region, organizing a number of theater shows and workshops in Sarajevo. Within the last five years it has grown and become the most important art festival focused  on high school population only, creating a youthful, positive and creative atmosphere in the Bosnia and Herzegovina capital, influencing young people to connect, share and be creative and constructive.

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Heart of Sarajevo for the Best Student Film at Sarajevo Film Festival under the patronage of the RCCFri, 11 Aug 2017 15:10:00 +0200This year, the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) is a Partner of Sarajevo Film Festival, as the Heart of Sarajevo for the Best Student Film, introduced in the competition programme 2017 for the 1st time, is under the patronage of the RCC. 

Student Film, which is a part of the official Competition Programme, offers an insight into recent film production and it is set up to promote student films coming from schools, faculties, or academies from all over the South East Europe region. 
This programme presents new platform for young and talented future film professionals at the very beginning of their careers.
It is focused on featuring fiction, documentary, and animated films up to 60 minutes, produced as a part of the studying process at one of the regional film schools, faculties or academies.
Apart from this segment, this programme also offers other content for the student participants. They will have an opportunity to meet some of the most important regional authors, to watch films, to participate in discussions and lectures, and to be introduced to the Festival Industry programme, which will help them gain an insight into regional film production in all of its segments.
This programme discovers, supports, and promotes regional authors and serves as a starting point for regional audio-visual industry and other European and global markets.
Regional Meeting on Development of Energy Management Information System in Public SectorTue, 25 Jul 2017 15:10:00 +0200The objectives of the regional meeting organized by the RCC are:  to present findings of the study carried out by the RCC on main requirements the EU energy efficiency directives impose to public sector for establishing energy management system in Western Balkans; to initiate a regional level discussion and experience exchange; and to present RCC’s proposal for the development of the information system for energy management in public sector.

The meeting will also hear the South East Europe 2020 (SEE2020) Strategy targets and achievements under the Energy Dimension as well as the presentation of achievements in the area of energy management in public sector in all Western Balkan economies.


Meeting of representatives of Western Balkan Public Employment Services on Qualitative BenchmarkingTue, 18 Jul 2017 15:10:00 +0200The aim of the meeting is to present the preliminary analysis of quantitative indicators, discuss the details and milestones of the qualitative benchmarking methodology implementation, including questionnaires and templates for the self- and external assessments, and agree on the timetable for the external peer review visits.

Participants of the event, organised by RCC’s ESAP Project, will be high level officials of Public Employment Services (PES) from the Western Balkan economies. 

The regional project ‘Employment and Social Affairs Platform’ (ESAP), which  began its implementation in March 2016 and will last for 3 years, is a regional project financed by the European Commission and jointly implemented by RCC and ILO (International Labour Organisation) in the Western Balkan economies. The project aims to strengthen regional cooperation and institutional capacities of national administrations, employers’ and workers’ organisations, enabling them to develop and effectively implement labour market and social policy reforms in their EU accession process.

Southeast European Violin Competition Thu, 13 Jul 2017 15:10:00 +0200The RCC is supporting the Southeast European Violin Competition – SASEVC – that focuses on discovering talented and very gifted young musicians. Its mission is for the participants, students, children and young professionals, from the entire South East Europe, interactively enrich their reference portfolio, showcase their knowledge, their skills and simply boost their career opportunities.

2017 Western Balkans Summit in Trieste – stepping up regional cooperation to advance on the European Union pathWed, 12 Jul 2017 15:10:00 +0200The RCC is to take part in the 2017 Western Balkans Summit in Trieste, Italy, today. The leaders of Western Balkans Six (WB6) are expected to endorse the Multi-annual Action Plan on a Regional Economic Area in the Western Balkans (MAP), prepared by the RCC. The RCC is to be tasked to monitor and inform on the progress achieved in MAP implementation. Trieste today is also hosting a number of summit-related events: EU-Western Balkans Youth forum, Civil Society Forum Trieste 2017, Western Balkans Business Forum, the session of the WB Ministers of Foreign Affairs, and finally the summit of the Western Balkan leaderd. 

The Summit serves as an important occasion to work together on strengthening concrete opportunities while fostering regional cooperation with the aim of developing inclusive societies, good governance and vibrant economies, hence also further advancing the European Union integration perspective of the region.
Sixth Western Balkans Civil Society ForumMon, 10 Jul 2017 15:10:00 +0200The main topics on the agenda of the 6th edition of Western Balkans Civil Society Forum will be the role of civil society organisations in promoting sustainable growth and employment, migration in the Western Balkans, freedom of expression and media, as well as rights and empowerment of women.

It will bring together approximately 100 participants, including a broad range of civil society representatives from the EU and the Western Balkans, as well as representatives of EU institutions, international organisations and governments of the region.

Georges Dassis, president of the European Economic and Social Committee, Johannes Hahn, Commissioner for Enlargement and Neighbourhood Policy, and Goran Svilanović, Secretary General of the Regional Cooperation Council, have been invited to open this major event.

A final declaration with recommendations from civil society organisations will be issued at the end of the event.

The forum is organised by the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) in cooperation with the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC).