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13.02.2018-14.02.2018 Berlin, Germany

Regional Workshop: Addressing Discrimination and Anti-Gypsyism in the Western Balkans and Turkey

The Regional Cooperation Council’s (RCC) Roma Integration 2020 (RI2020) Action Team is organizing a regional workshop "Addressing Discrimination and Anti-Gypsyism in the Enlargement Region" in Berlin, Germany, on 13-14 February, 2018. 

The main objective of the workshop is to ensure officials from the enlargement region dealing with Roma integration recognize and understand the issues of discrimination and anti-Gypsyism and to increase the awareness of the two interlinked phenomena through experiential learning, presentations by relevant experts and visits of commemoration sites.

The workshop will give a perspective of the current situation of Roma population through presentation of historical background and overall lack of knowledge about the discrimination and anti-Gypsyism phenomena and it will also contribute to aligning the regional and EU efforts in fighting these issues.

The regional workshops will bring together the National Roma Contact Points from the Western Balkans and Turkey, officials dealing with education, employment, housing, health and civil registration, officials dealing with discrimination (Equality Bodies and/or Ombudspersons) and representatives of Roma Civil Society.