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12.03.2018 Brussels, Belgium

First Meeting of the MAP Component Contact Points

Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) is organising the first meeting of the Western Balkans Six (WB6) Multiannual Action Plan for the Regional Economic Area (MAP REA) Component Contact Points (CCPs) to discuss MAP REA monitoring and reporting and deliverables ahead of the high level WB Summits, Sofia and London. The meeting is to be held on 12 March 2018, in Brussels.  

Representatives from Central European Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA), RCC, European Commission (EC)  and WB6 economies will discuss draft methodology for monitoring and reporting of the MAP REA, presenting its main objective, process of monitoring and reporting, data to be used and the indicators to measure the impact. The aim of the meeting is to collect participants’ comments and suggestions to the draft  and agree on the next steps that would allow its endorsement by the MAP Coordinators. 

Additionally, the participants will talk about the draft regional deliverables, already presented to the MAP Coordinators during the second meeting held on 30 January 2018, in Trieste, aiming to  explore any potential risks to the implementation, define steps needed in each economy  for the implementation of each deliverable and discuss concrete actions – initially proposed by the CEFTA and RCC Secretariat - on how each deliverable will impact the overall objectives of the MAP REA.