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30.01.2018 Trieste, Italy

Second Meeting of MAP Coordinators and B2G Meeting on MAP

The second meeting of the Coordinators for the RCC’s Multi Action Plan (MAP) for a Regional Economic Area (REA) in the WB6, is to be held on 30 January 2018, in Trieste. The objective of the meeting is to get the overview on key developments per pillars from each economy and define clear deliverables/targets for the Sofia and London Summits. The MAP Coordinators will inform on the key developments and actions implemented, with a clear reference to the MAP actions and objectives and propose a limited number of deliverables per component, to be further discussed during the meeting.
The main findings of the draft Stocktaking and Need Assessment Report, the concept of the Donor Coordination meeting and activities implemented in each MAP component (i.e. Trade, Investment, Mobility and Digital Integration) will be also presented during the meeting. 
The MAP Coordinators meeting will be preceded by the B2G event, organized by WB CIF in the morning of 30 January 2018, aiming to elaborate and valorise the measures envisaged by MAP from the perspective of the regional business leaders.
The first MAP Coordination meeting took place on 31 October in Brussels. 
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