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We are working to deepen regional economic integration of the South East Europe, by creating a joint regional market that will be more competitive on the global business scene, and generate more revenues and jobs


  • Steady economic growth of the region
  • Business-friendly environment
  • Free flow of goods, services and capital
  • Boosted investments
  • Increased region’s industry potential
  • More jobs


  • We put forward the idea of integrating SEE as a single investment space in the global business environment at the SEE decision-makers’ table
  • We commenced preparation of joint regional products and value chains in priority sectors
  • We started assisting local authorities in improving services to businesses and creating relevant one-stop shops for investors
  • We initiated pursuing reindustrialisation of SEE region

Increasing competitiveness and supporting industrial development of the region is the direct underlying assumption of eight of the eleven targets of SEE 2020 Strategy. Most of the interventions under this flagship therefore focus on strengthening the region’s industrial base, encouraging creation and growth of enterprises, improving conditions for investment, enhancing the region’s innovation performance and increasing its share of international trade. Other interventions aim at establishing the conditions that maximise SEE’s attractiveness as a destination for new investment, as well as raise productivity through greater openness to talent, capital and innovation.

The main components of the Competitiveness flagship agenda are:

The RCC team in charge of the flagship

Dragana Djurica

Dragana Đurica
Senior Expert on Competitiveness

Tel: +387 33 561 717
Fax: +387 33 561 701

Arslan Umut Ergezer

Arslan Umut Ergezer
Senior Economic Policy Analyst

Tel: +387 33 561 730

Ivana Gardasevic

Ivana Gardašević
Expert on Competitiveness

Tel: +387 33 561 735
Fax: +387 33 561 701

Flagship Overview


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