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12.06.2018 Prague, Chez Republic

Regional meeting on coordination and harmonization of spectrum policies in the Western Balkans

Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) organises a regional meeting on coordination and harmonisation of spectrum policies in the Western Balkans (WB), in Prague, Chez Republic on 12 June 2018.

The meeting will gather representatives of the European Commission (EC), International Telecommunication Union (ITU), WB ministries in charge of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), experts and managers from the EU member states, and the RCC.

The plenary session on Committee for ITU policy (COM-ITU)/ European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications (CEPT) will be followed by streamlined discussions on key developments in spectrum policies in WB economies, developments in the EU on this front including new spectrum policy and their coordination on some EU members.  

The WB6 economies will present their readiness for 5G network and adoption of new spectrum policy, legal and regulatory framework, cross border coordination aspects, if any, and challenges and solutions on regional spectrum policy harmonization from the national and regional perspective. 

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