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13.12.2018 Podgorica, Montenegro

Plenary Meeting of the South East Europe Investment Committee

The Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) convenes the plenary meeting of the South East Europe Investment Committee (SEEIC) that is to take place in Podgorica on 13 December 2018. 

The meeting is intended to present the achievements, results and deliverables within the framework of SEE 2020 Strategy and Multi-Annual Action Plan for Regional Economic Area (MAP REA), pertaining to the Regional investment Reform Agenda (RIRA), diversification of financial markets, industrial development and support to the priority sectors (tourism). 

At this occasion, SEEIC will be informed on the developments in these areas since the Western Balkans Six (WB6) Prime Ministers’ Summit (London, July 2018) and on the next steps in terms of the preparation for the WB6 Prime Minister’s Summit planned for July 2019 in Poland. Furthermore, taking into account the developments on the regional front within the context of MAP REA, this opportunity will be utilised to start brainstorming on the potential transformation or reform of SEEIC in accordance with the ongoing high level processes, so as to continue serving regional cooperation in a successful manner, as it has been the case in the last years. 


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