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23.04.2019-25.04.2019 Belgrade

RCC involving private sector in new regional cultural tourism routes and itineraries development

Following the development of concepts for joint regional cultural routes the RCC implemented and EU funded Tourism Development and Promotion Project embarks on the next stage of product development. 

It will utilise its 3rd Industry Focus Group meeting to gather representatives of tourism agencies and operators from the Western Balkans to identify most feasible and marketable itineraries for two of the routes: Western Balkans Crossroads of Civilisations and Balkan Monumental Trail.

The identified itineraries, up to three per route, will be incorporated in the development of marketing plans for the new routes. 

Western Balkans Crossroads of Civilisations route in based on sites and locations featuring heritage from Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian ears, whereas Balkan Monumental Trail features art and design of monuments built from late 1950s to early 80s.