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07.05.2019 Sarajevo

Cultural diversity connects Sarajevo, Kotor and Novi Sad

Sarajevo Meeting of Cultures (SMOC) will present a new regional tourism route based on cultural diversity of the Western Balkans at an event which is to include a seminar for tourism workers, photo exhibition and a presentation of the route book. 

“Meeting of Cultures”, as a concept of tourism product, is successfully implemented in Sarajevo where the tour starts from a street installation which marks the meeting point of Ottoman and Austro-Hungarians cultures and architectures and takes tourists to key cultural and religious heritage sites in the city. 

This concept will be replicated in Kotor and Novi Sad bringing to front their cultural diversity, whereas cultural tourism offers of Sarajevo, Novi Sad and Kotor will be combined into one regional “Meeting of Cultures” route.

SMOC developed the new route under the RCC implemented and EU funded Tourism Development and Promotion Grant Programme. Further route expansion is currently planned for Skopje and Tirana.