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Skills and Mobility

Skills and Mobility

We are working towards open, inter-connected region offering opportunities, decent work and decent life for all!


The aim of the human capital development pillar is to support sustainable transformation of the region towards the knowledge-based economy which creates equal opportunities for all citizens and leaves no citizen behind.


  • Free movement of students, researchers and workforce
  • Equal opportunities for all citizens
  • Open, inter-connected region
  • Effective education and employment policies which leave no citizen behind
  • Innovative research and development and Open Science


  • Agreed Joint Statement on European Commissions’ Horizon Europe proposal by the Western Balkan Six Ministers of Science;
  • Implemented a 1.5 million EUR project for improving employment policies in WB6 with the follow up project in the pipeline;
  • Endorsed Statement on Principles for Automatic Recognition of Academic Qualifications in the Western Balkans by the Ministers of Education;
  • Agreed Declaration on joint model for automatic recognition of academic qualifications in the WB6 which was annexed to the conclusions of the Poznan Summit in 2019;
  • Facilitated a Joint Statement by the Western Balkan Ministers of Science on European Commissions’ Horizon Europe proposal;
  • Supported networking between regional EURAXESS offices;
  • Brokered and supported participation of Western Balkans Ministries in charge of science in regular EU member states’ meetings and reporting on open science1 as well as developed regional action plan to support development of Open Science in South East Europe.

This flagship is designed to address some of the main obstacles identified during the development of the SEE 2020 Strategy: limited mobility in the region; the underdeveloped skills base; the skills mismatch with the labour market needs; and the cumbersome recognition of professional qualifications. It is developed on the premise that the development of education and the improvement of labour force skills are key factors that will underpin future economic recovery, growth of the SEE economies and the restructuring towards knowledge driven economies.

The main components of the Skills and Mobility flagship are:


The RCC team in charge of the flagship


Ilir Deda
Expert on Human Capital Development

Tel: +387 33 561 720
Fax: +387 33 561 701


Sinisa Marcic
Expert on Human Capital Development

Tel: +387 33 561 710

Flagship Overview


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