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Investments and Trade

Investments and Trade

Improving investment environment, boosting growth potential, job creation and economic convergence with the EU


  • Reduce trade deficit
  • Free flow of goods, services, and capital
  • Increase number of new businesses
  • Increase Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) by 160%
  • New production plants, as a share of total FDI in SEE
  • Boost growth potential, job creation and economic convergence with the EU
  • Create more jobs


  • We initiated regional dialogue on how to improve business and investment climate, so as to attract more investments and business
  • We have developed and put in motion Regional Investment Reform Agenda
  • We initiated a campaign of promoting SEE as a unique investment destination to the global business environment
  • We increased participation of business in public-private sector dialogue
  • We are helping the region boost capacity for investment protection

The RCC’s investment and trade agenda foresees improvement of investment environment in the region by putting in place a Regional Investment Reform Agenda (RIRA), seeking to improve the rules for investment entry, treatment, and protection across the region, harmonize them with the acquis and complement the free trade agenda already in place through CEFTA. By committing to implement RIRA via tailor-made Individual Reform Action Plans (IRAPs) for each economy, the region seeks to achieve greater harmonization of investment policies with those of the EU and international standards and best practices, as well as to provide new opportunities for the private sector.

RCC works towards advancing the approaches to investment through RIRA and IRAPs, complementing the existing trade agenda and ongoing efforts in trade facilitation and liberalization.This activity is conducted through a structured regional dialogue of the involved economies, supported by the private sector and relevant regional and international partners. In this endeavour, the RCC is liaising intensively with SEE government and private sector, but is also is partnering with CEFTA, along with technical support of the World Bank and financial support of the EU.

The focus of the RCC’s activities for the upcoming three-year period will be to implement the RIRA and corresponding IRAPs in close coordination with the region’s governments and private sector. The RCC will continue to lead public-private dialogue and provide technical and capacity-building support to the region’s policy-makers for strategic, legal and institutional reforms across a number of policies in fields pertinent to investment entry and establishment, protection and retention, and attraction and promotion. The main aim will be to enhance investment environment in the region, increase level of investment protection, and further integrate pertinent policies with those of the EU. These achievements, along with the investment potentials of the region will be promoted to the European and international investors’ community and the RCC will invest its best efforts to increase the visibility of SEE on the global investments map.  

The RCC activities in this agenda are mostly being implemented through the following:

Our Next Steps

In the forthcoming period the RCC will:

  • Implement the reforms of policies pertinent to investment entry, protection, and promotion, stipulated by RIRA and corresponding IRAPs;
  • Review and reform a network of investment agreements (international and bilateral) and bring them closer to the EU standards and international best practices;
  • Support establishment and improvement of investment protection platforms across the region;
  • Provide capacity building to public administrations in reforming priority investment policy areas;
  • Assist the region in promoting itself as a single investment destination and a reliable partner to the global investors community;
  • Facilitate concrete and tangible value chains related to promoting investments;
  • Ensure regional ownership through regional platforms of SEE Investment Committee, both in decision-making on priority areas and in expert analytical work;
  • Coordinate regional activities with the individual Economic Reform Programmes;
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22.05-23.05.2017 Sarajevo, BiH

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