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The RCC supports development of inclusive and dynamic labour markets that provide better living conditions for individuals and their families


  • Enhance regional cooperation and institutional capacities of Ministries of Labour and Public Employment Services (PES) in the Western Balkans for improved policy outcomes related to labour markets and employment.


We are doing this by establishing a structured regional Employment and Social Affairs Platform (ESAP), addressing the regionally shared structural employment and labour market challenges in the Western Balkans, including high unemployment and low employment rates, further exacerbated by limited institutional and administrative capacities and the need to modernise labour market institutions.

  • Increased mutual learning and enhanced institutional capacities for policy reviews and outcomes related to employment and labour markets by implementing, for the first time in the region, a series of peer reviews on selected employment policies and programmes, modelled in line with the EU mutual learning programme;
  • Strengthened capacities of Public Employment Services (PES) and enhanced the existing PES to PES dialogue through the implementation of a “benchlearning exercise” in the Western Balkan PES, following the experience of the EU PES Network;
  • Completed diagnostic analyses of drivers of undeclared work, the institutional framework and current policy approaches in each Western Balkan economy;
  • Implemented over 20 instances of demand driven technical assistance to national administrations in furthering their national employment and labour market priorities.

The RCC activities in this agenda are being implemented through the:

Our Next Steps

In the forthcoming period the RCC will:

  • Continue implementing the “Employment and Social Affairs Platform” in close cooperation with the ministries of labour and social affairs, public employment services, DG EMPL and other international partners, in particular the ILO;
  • Support the design, evaluation and implementation of employment strategies and active labour market measures, with a focus on youth, women, Roma and other vulnerable groups;
  • Support the modernisation and quality of services provided by the  Public Employment Services (PES) in SEE to citizens, through mutual learning and performance enhancement;
  • Facilitate cooperation of Western Balkan PES with the EU PES network;  
  • Maintain up to date regional database on labour market indicators and support the harmonization of labour market policies and reforms databases with the EU methodologies;
  • Increase the exposure of Western Balkan officials from Ministries of Labour and Public Employment Services to EU-wide networks and processes, and support peer learning in the process of alignment with the EU acquis and the implementation of the European Social Pillar;
  • Support the transformation of undeclared work into declared work, pursuing a holistic, integrated strategic approach through cooperation and joint action, mutual learning and improved knowledge.
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11.05.2017 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Workshop on Regional Economic Integration in Western Balkans

30.06-28.07.2017 South East Europe

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