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Research and Innovation

Research and Innovation

The actions aim at development of strong research and innovation base in SEE needed to support investment in high technology industries and new service sectors, increase competitiveness and enable the economies to expand their exports base


  • Increased research cooperation within SEE and between SEE and the EU and developed research infrastructure and capacity for innovation


  • We brokered and supported participation of SEE ministries in charge of science in regular EU meetings on open science
  • The RCC developed regional action plan to support development of Open Science in South East Europe

The impact of publicly funded research on innovation and economic development in the countries of the Western Balkans remains limited. One of the barriers is the level of international integration and the capability to create benefits from the spill overs of such interactions also due to the lack of linkages between public research organisations and front runners in the private sector in most of the region. Therefore, the actions aim at strengthen the research infrastructure in the SEE and, more importantly, innovation capacity to pave the way for a fast and full integration into the EU.

The RCC activities in this area are mostly being implemented through the:

Our Next Steps

In the forthcoming period the RCC will:

  • Facilitate the introduction of Open Science policies and measures and ensure open access to scientific journals and data by 2020;
  • Enhance regional cooperation to support the national efforts to integrate fully into the European Research Area;
  • Support regional cooperation to enhance national research and development and innovation and technology transfer policies to utilize the potential of regional sharing of resources and knowledge.
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