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We work on adding the value to the core transport network


  • Well-connected South East Europe with modern and functional transport infrastructure
  • Operational economic corridors stimulating economic development
  • Decarbonised transport based on clean vehicles and fuels


We brought economic corridors in South East Europe to the regional decision-makers’ agenda. But we also:

  • Supported the transport related Connectivity reform measures and improved corridor management (intermodal transport solutions and queue management systems)
  • Enhanced capacities and regional cooperation on sustainable energy use in transport, alternative fuels and environmental friendly vehicles agendas in WB
  • Analysed transport corridors’ climate resilience

The RCC’s activities in the area of transport focus on adding value to the core transport network, supporting the regional Connectivity Agenda reform measures and highlighting the market integration, competitiveness and sustainability aspects of the Connectivity agenda

The activities are structured to ensure that transport systems and frameworks adequately support the flow of goods, services and people, and that they are climate change resilient and support the economic connectivity and overall competitiveness of the region, i.e. transport in function of trade, industry, commerce and increased investment flows.

RCC-supported activities will contribute both to the transport and trade facilitation, regional connectivity, liberalization of trade in services and regional investment reform agendas, as well as to the efforts for re-industrialization in the region. The work in this area will help put the transport infrastructure into the optimal use and ensure greater returns from improved physical connectivity.

Our Next Steps

In the forthcoming period the RCC will:

  • Help develop genuine economic corridors - logistics, trade, industrial, service and investments
  • Improve corridor management and support deployment of modern ICT solutions in transport
  • Back development of intermodal transport
  • Intensify work on decarbonisation of transport
Flagship Overview


Currently there are no upcoming activities announced!

11.05.2017 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Workshop on Regional Economic Integration in Western Balkans

09.02-27.02.2018 Tirana, Belgrade, Skopje, Pristina, Podgorica, Sarajevo

2018 Cycle of Consultations on the SEE 2020 Strategy Programing Document 2018–2020