14 Dec 2020
Bregu: Instead of creating policies FOR youth we believe in co-creating policies WITH youth news

Sarajevo/Tirana/Brussels - “Youth makes 21% of Western Balkans population. If we know that youth unemployment in the Western Balkans is over 35%; that it takes around 2 years for a young person to land the job after the school; that 25% of youth are not in employment, education and training; or that 71% of our youth are thinking to leave the region and find jobs abroad – than it is clear ...

09 Dec 2020
Western Balkans Youth Lab Factsheet information material

Within RCC’s Western Balkans Youth Lab, EU funded, project regional pool of experts consisted of youth and policy makers from the Western Balkans will work within RCC’s WB youth lab project on creating solutions for issues related to youth unemployment and youth participation.

09 Dec 2020
Pool of Experts of the first Regional Youth Lab information material

The Youth Policy Lab is a flagship initiative within RCC’ Western Balkan Youth Lab project funded by the European Union that aims to provide opportunities for youth to participate in decision-making. Based upon conclusions of Sofia EU-Western Balkan Summits held in 2018 and 2020, Youth Policy Lab is designed to provide a safe space for youth, enabling young women and men to work jointly and at equal ...

03 Sep 2020
Youth Lab Capacity Building Guidelines information material

The Capacity Building Instrument is a mechanism of the Western Balkans Youth Lab Project (hereinafter: WBYL) that aims to complement regional activities with additional support to the National Youth Councils, where they are established, and Youth Umbrella Organisations, where youth council at the central level is absent, in order to help their transformation and advance their role in contributing towards ...

03 Sep 2020
Youth Lab Technical Assistance Guidelines information material

The Technical Assistance Instrument is a mechanism of the Western Balkans Youth Lab Project (hereinafter: WBYL) that aims to complement regional activities with additional support to the Project beneficiaries in order to strengthen their policy and administrative capacities in the different stages and processes related to the youth policy development and implementation and participation of youth in ...

20 Aug 2020
Heart of Sarajevo for the Best Student Film 2020 goes to Zeynep Dilan Süren for “The Great Istanbul Depression” news

The Best Student Film Award Powered by RCC since inception of this competition category Sarajevo – The Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) is delighted to confirm that the young director Ms Zeynep Dilan Süren from Turkey with the movie “The Great Istanbul Depression” won the Heart of Sarajevo for the Best Student Film, an award Powered by RCC since the inception of this competition category ...

16 Aug 2020
Miscevic: We need to focus on helping resolving issues young people are facing in order to keep them in our region news

Sarajevo Film Festival: RCC Deputy Secretary General hosts a panel with young filmmakers from the region Sarajevo – “I am happy the RCC put youth and resolving issues they are facing, especially related to their career developments, and jobs in focus, with our EU-funded Youth Lab project that was launched beginning this year, but also through a series other activities, including our support for ...

10 Aug 2020
Majlinda Bregu, Secretary General of the RCC on 1st edition of Balkathon and future plans in an interview for Albanian Business Magazine interview/article

"Encouraging innovative ideas, promoting digital solutions and creating room for the introduction of new ideas are the daily efforts on the part of RCC, its mindset not only in terms of thinking but also in terms of acting. It goes without saying that Covid-19 did provide an incentive, for instance when realizing how much more the private sector was using digital solutions. The Regional Cooperation ...

03 Jul 2020
Youth Unemployment in the Western Balkans: Youth is Crucial in Designing of Employment Policies news

RCC’s Western Balkans Youth Lab and Employment and Social Affairs Platform Projects organized webinar tackling policymaking and youth unemployment in the region  Sarajevo – “Numerous stories of unemployed young people across the region who want the leave in pursuit of a job and better life are loud and yet also seem silent.  That is why the Western Balkan Youth Lab ...

25 Jun 2020
Annual Report of the Secretary General of the Regional Cooperation Council 2019-2020 report

This Annual Report of the Secretary General of the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) covers the period April 2019 – April 2020. It outlines main RCC activities and achievements in the past year. It also lays out the overall background and crucial developments impacting and shaping the activities of the RCC and the region of South East Europe in the reporting period.

25 Jun 2020
Bregu: It is up to the region to retain commitment to cooperation and bring forth tangible progress to citizens news

RCC Secretary General takes part in SEECP Foreign Affairs Ministers meeting and hosts, with SEECP CiO, 12th RCC Annual meeting Tirana/Sarajevo/Prishtina – The two meetings have been held today within the South East European Cooperation Process (SEECP) - the meeting of the SEECP Ministers of Foreign Affairs and the RCC Annual Meeting, which RCC co-organised with the outgoing Kosovo SEECP Chairmanship-in-Office ...

24 Jun 2020
Bregu: Cooperation is the only blueprint that holds the promise of ‘Stronger Together’ news

The Shape of the Things to Come - Presentation of Balkan Barometer 2020 Balkan Barometer 2020 reveals sentiments of citizens and businesses in the region, with a special addition conveying effects of the COVID-19 outbreak   LIVE NOW Balkan Barometer 2020 presentation  Sarajevo – “The regional cooperation continues to grow in prominence with an overwhelming majority of citizens ...

22 May 2020
With Proven Potential for Innovation, Youth are Our Greatest Investment Opportunity interview/article

With Proven Potential for Innovation, Youth are Our Greatest Investment Opportunity, Article by Adem Gashi, Team Leader of the RCC Western Balkans Youth Lab Project "There is no crystal ball to tell the fortune, but it’s crystal clear that by involving youth in decision making, the region will have a better future"

19 May 2020
RCC presents its new “Western Balkans Youth Lab” Project: It’s time to change– young people should take the lead news

Acting by example: 20% of RCC employees are young people - 5 joining us in the past 2 months Sarajevo – The Western Balkans not rarely offers shocking facts about youth. From brain drain to labour migration, from mismatch of diplomas with labour market, prejudices or steep unemployment figures. We have decided to act by example. About 20% of all employees in the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) ...

14 May 2020
Bregu: Pandemic created a common awareness that at least for now humankind takes precedence over politics and disputes news

RCC Board met online to hear about the activities of the organization in the past period and discuss future steps Sarajevo – “For all its aggressiveness, the COVID-19 crisis also offers glimmers of hope. It has connected Western Balkans even more, this time in a fight against an invisible enemy. It has persuaded us that cooperation should be resilient. It has created a common awareness that at ...