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30.05.2017 Brussels, Belgium

South East Europe 2020 (SEE 2020) Monitoring Committee

Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) is organizing Fourth meeting of the SEE 2020 Monitoring Committee. The meeting will see the presentation of the key findings as a part of the draft SEE 2020 Annual Report on Implementation (ARI) for 2017 as well as the presentation of the state of play of development of RCC’s online platform for the collection of quantitative data,  SEEDS. European Commission (EC) is expected to provide  reflection on the key recommendations of the Economic and Reform Programme (EPR) 2016 process and the SEE 2020 Strategy. The meeting is also to view the presentation of progress in the preparation of the four new SEE 2020 headline targets. Participants will also discuss the cooperation already established (or to be established) with the international organizations structured in two sub-panels: 1) Organizations using the data form the SEE 2020 monitoring process, and 2) Establishing links to other data collections processes for better coordination in terms of data exchange, data collection timelines, avoiding overlap.

SEE 2020 Monitoring Committee, bringing together representatives of the statistical systems and the policy makers from each of SEE 2020 participating economies, is in charge of overseeing the overall process of monitoring the SEE 2020 Strategy that also helps optimise the process, modifies the scope of monitoring as necessary, and reports to the SEE 2020 Governing Board on issues pertaining to monitoring and implementation of the SEE 2020 Strategy.

Third meeting of the SEE 2020 Monitoring Committee took place on 30 November 2016 in Vienna.