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21.12.2017 Belgrade, Serbia

Regional Cooperation in Culture: Sarajevo National Theatre takes its „Divlje Meso” play to Belgrade's Yugoslav Drama Theatre

Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) supports Sarajevo National Theatre to take its play „Divlje meso“ (“Proud flesh”) to audience in Belgrade's Yugoslav Drama Theatre, as a part of its continuous activities in promotion of regional cooperation in culture. The play will be played in Belgrade on Thursday, 21 December 2017, starting at 20:00 hrs. 

'Divlje meso' play is on a regular repertoire of Sarajevo National Theatre. It is written by Goran Stefanovski, drama writer for The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia in 1980s. The play is directed by the renowned Sarajevo director Dino Mustafic who says that “although the play is a classical piece of south-Slavic drama, it hasn’t lost anything of its strength and currency but opened new questions and dilemma”. The play cast: Josip Pejaković, Vesna Mašić, Aldin Omerović, Amar Selimović, Vedran Đekić, Ejla Bavčić – Tarakčija, Branko Ličen, Džana Pinjo, Zijah Sokolović, Slaven Vidak, Armin Omerović, Dina Mušanović, Mona Muratović, Riad Ljutović, and Raisa Bužimkić.

The RCC has in the past supported numerous projects in the area of cultural exchange and cooperation in the region, including: a guest performance of  “Gospodja ministarka” (“The Lady Minister”) by the Bosko Buha theatre from Belgrade in Sarajevo in December 2014;  Sarajevo National Theatre “Balkanski spijun u Sarajevu” (“Balkan spy in Sarajevo”) in Zvezdara theatre in Belgrade, and one-man hit show “Glumac je… glumac je… glumac” (“Actor is…actor is…actor”) of  the popular Bosnia and Herzegovina’s actor, writer and director, Zijah Sokolovic at “Qendra Multimedia” arts and cultural centre in Pristina, both in December 2015; and“Romeo and Juliet” produced by Belgrade-based “Radionica Integracije” and “Quendra Multimedia” from Pristina in Sarajevo and Tirana in March and November 2016, respectively.