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We are working towards a better connected South East Europe, integrated in the EU transport, energy and digital networks and markets


  • Digitally transformed region with unlocked growth potentials of the digital economy
  • Roaming free region
  • Efficient use of energy and higher share of renewable energy sources
  • Safeguarded environment
  • Modernised transport market and services


  • We supported regional agreement that led to a cut of roaming costs up to 80% in the region
  • We brought economic corridors in South East Europe to the regional decision-makers’ agenda
  • We promoted protection of environment and use of clean energy

This flagship initiative is designed to address the non-physical challenges and the poor connectivity of the region within itself and with the rest of the continent. Poor inter-connectedness of the region’s economies by road, rail, energy, and ICT networks adversely affects the growth of markets. The region needs to make substantial upgrades in its connectivity so as to widen access to markets and make the SEE private sectors and societies better integrated regionally and with the EU. The development of physical infrastructure should be in line with the environmental priorities and commitments, as per those defined by the Paris Climate Agreement, the 2030 UN Agenda for Sustainable Development, and in line with the EU accession requirements.

Connectivity flagship agenda, which is a part of the RCC’s South East Europe 2020 Strategy, is being implemented through three main components, and those are:

The RCC team in charge of the flagship

Pranvera Kastrati

Pranvera Kastrati
Senior Expert on Economic and
Digital Connectivity

Tel: +387 33 561 722
Fax: +387 33 561 701
E-mail: pranvera.kastrati@rcc.int

Radovan Nikcevic

Radovan Nikcevic
Expert on Connectivity

Tel: +387 33 561 737
Fax: +387 33 561 701
E-mail: radovan.nikcevic@rcc.int  

Flagship Overview