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19 SEP 2008

Southeast Europe at crossroads, needs faster EU integration to avoid stagnation, says RCC Secretary General at conference in Prague

PRAGUE/SARAJEVO – Southeast Europe needs faster reform pace in order to speed up EU integration and avoid dangerous stagnation, said the RCC Secretary General, Hido Biscevic, at a conference on further EU enlargement organized by the incoming Czech EU Presidency and ANO pro Evropu non-governmental organization in Prague yesterday.

The discussions focused on the progress made by the Southeast European countries on their way towards full European integration. In his opening address, the EU Commissioner for Enlargement, Olli Rehn, noted a significant advancement in this process, but pointed out that this trend must be persistant and sustained.

Secretary General Biscevic stressed that the countries of Southeast Europe, especially in the post Yugoslav area, are at a decisive crossroads.

“This crossroads requires accelerated reform pace to speed up EU integration and avoid a danger of stagnation and status quo which could be detrimental to the region’s future. The role of the RCC is becoming increasingly important as it presumes bringing together the support of key international institutions and organizations with the efforts of the countries of the region.”

The event was opened by the Czech Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs, Alexandr Vondra, and moderated by the First Czech Deputy Foreign Minister, Tomáš Pojar. The Croatian State Secretary for European Integration, Davor Božinović; the Serbian Assistant Foreign Minister, Milica Delević; and the EU Council Secretariat General’s Director of Western Balkans/Central European Task Force, Stefan Lehne, were also among the panelists.

The RCC Secretary General also held separate talks with Deputy Prime Minister Vondra on the areas of cooperation between the RCC and the incoming Czech EU Presidency.

At the conference margin, Secretary General Biscevic met with the Assistant Minister Delević to discuss issues related to the cooperation between the RCC and the Serbian Government.

The Special Envoy of the RCC Secretary General for Relations with the Presidency of the EU Council, Jovan Tegovski, also participated in the conference.

A version in Bosnian language is available HERE.   

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