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25 SEP 2008

Bosnia and Herzegovina should take advantage of regional projects, say RCC Secretary General and Chairman of BiH Council of Ministers

SARAJEVO – The ways Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) can take the best advantage of the projects advocated by the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) was the main point of discussion between the RCC Secretary General Hido Biscevic and the Chairman of the BiH Council of Ministers, Nikola Spiric, held in Sarajevo yesterday.

Chairman Spiric expressed full support to RCC activities and reaffirmed BiH commitment to regional cooperation.

The two officials stressed the importance of taking the best advantage of regional projects through the European Union’s forthcoming multi-beneficiary strategy for Southeast Europe, highlighting the RCC contribution in identifying the project areas.

Secretary General Biscevic presented Chairman Spiric with the upcoming RCC projects, including the establishment of the Southeast European Regional Fire-Fighting Centre and the Regional Disaster Insurance Facility, as well as a conference on integrated use of inland waterways.

The important role the international financial institutions and RCC National Coordinators can play in this process was also stressed.

With regards to the political situation in Southeast Europe, both officials emphasized the urgent attention the countries of the region need to pay to reform processes in order to speed up their European integration prospects.

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