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Balkan Barometer 2016, Infographics, pocket edition

Balkan Barometer 2016, Infographics, pocket edition
survey | 10 NOV 2016

Balkan Barometer 2016 edition is a comprehensive survey commissioned by the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) on attitudes, experiences and perceptions of the general public and business community in South East Europe on various economic, social, political and cultural issues. It is an integral part of the annual monitoring process of the SEE2020 Strategy. Balkan Barometer pocket edition reveals the main thoughts of people and businesses on burning issues facing our economies, through infographics. This survey, conducted by GfK, among 8000 citizens and 1800 companies through our part of Europe, is an easy-to-access source of information. The RCC website permits download of both components of the Balkan Barometer - Public Opinion Survey and Business Opinion Survey - as well as their datasets which are easily searchable. Check it out at: and

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