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SEE Group of National Focal Points for countering violent extremism

NFP Group, bringing together the National CVE Coordinators is main mechanism for implementation of the RCC’s Regional CVE-FTF Platform. The Group formulates policy recommendations, which feed the decision making process of the SEECP participants in their efforts to counter radicalisation and violent extremism on the most pressing issues in P/CVE area, such as:

  • Adoption/implementation of relevant legislation, national strategies and action plans;
  • National coordination (inter-agency) bodies and mechanisms;
  • Addressing domestic (internal) drivers and factors contributing to radicalization;
  • Implementation of whole of a society approach in prevention, rehabilitation, reintegration of former Foreign Terrorist Fighters (FTFs);
  • Raising awareness among youth and the phenomena of local radicalization;
  • Cyber security in the context of prevention and countering online radicalization;

The Group cooperates closely with key international partners/initiatives such as UN, UN specialized agencies, EU institutions and bodies, OSCE, NATO, IISG, etc.

Priority Area Overview